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Welcome story of Tuhoe

From our Hamilton Centre

Welcome Tuhoe & whānau,

Tuhoe, you were one our very first ākonga (learners) here the Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre. Right from the first day, you have been keen to explore, try new things, play with others and trust that your new Kaiako (teachers) would take wonderful care of you.

We are noticing how you are gaining a sense of belong/mana whenua. This is evident in the way that confidently move around the learning environment trying new things and learning through your play. I see you have a keen interest in learning your name and learning about the alphabet letters. You are often wanting stories, to draw and write, to sing the alphabet and you are so proud of your new tag with your photo on it. Te Whāriki (Our Early Childhood Curriculum) encourages teachers to support children to gain a sense of belonging so that “they know that they have a place” and that “they feel comfortable with the routines, customs and regular events” – Ministry of Education, 2017.

Tuhoe you are trusting your teachers to help support you at meal-times, toileting times and up until recently, your moe (sleep) times too. You are just on the cusp of outgoing your naps and we will still support you to a nap on your more tired days.

Tuhoe you have been actively involved in all aspects of our learning programme. You have made many wonderful and artistic pictures. You have made a special canvas as a Fathers Day present for your Koko – I bet he was so proud. You looked so proud holding it up for your photo to be taken and you should be, you did a great job of this.

Ka pai Tuhoe for always engaging with the playdough, literacy activities, counting activities and other learning games that we set up for you on the tēpu (table). Your attention span is admirable; and you are so focused with your tasks at hand. You are confident to ask for help when you need it, but you love a chance to problem solve first!

Tuhoe we love sharing time and cuddles with you, helping scaffold you to learn things and laugh with you. You are such a confident explorer who is capable of so many things and we are enjoying supporting you on your life-long learning journey.

Tuhoe, we will continue to support you as you gain an even stronger sense of belonging here at Rainbow Corner and encourage you to contribute your strengths, extend your interests and develop your skills and talents further.