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Rainbow Corner Childcare Services in Alert Level 2 - Everything you should know as a Parent

Re-opening childcare services in level 2 is voluntary and the expectation remains that we continue to be mindful of health and safety.

As announced on Monday 11th May Early Childhood Services can reopen. I am happy to discuss and consider childcare during level 2 with you. A safe, healthy, hygienic, and happy environment is what I want to create for all children in my care as we move into Level 2. Outings and excursions may be a part of our current programme while we remain in these alert levels, however these will be discussed with you prior to taking place.


It is important you keep your child home if they are sick or are in close contact with someone within your family who is currently unwell. Likewise, if a staff member or a staff member’s family becomes unwell, we might temporarily close our service depending upon advice received from MoE and/or MoH.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Due to the low number and home environment, Staff will not be wearing a face mask or gloves when they care for your child/ren. It is each family's choice to use PPE yourself or for your child. By opening our childcare service, I confirm that we will continue to take extra care to protect all children in our care and will follow all recommended health and safety advice as recommended by the MoE/MoH.

Hand Sanitiser

All parents and children at drop-offs and pick-ups must use hand sanitiser. A sanitising station will be set up at the front door. If your child has an allergy to hand sanitiser we will support their handwashing when they arrive. We will also regularly support children with washing their hands during the day. Hand sanitiser will remain out of the reach of children at all times. If children are bringing their own santiser then please give this to a staff member upon arrival to ensure safety.


Your child will have their temperature taken at drop-off. A high temperature is considered at least 38 C and over as stated by the MoH. Turning children away due to temperature readings will be managed carefully and sensitively. If this occurs, we will need your support and understanding in the moment. Parents should contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453, for their next steps, before returning to the service.

No Pick-Up if Symptomatic

If any parent starts to feel unwell during the course of the day, please let the Centre Manager know and do your best to arrange someone else to pick up your child as early as possible.

Restricted/Staggered Entry

Parents are encouraged to send only ONE family member to drop-off or pick-up your child and maintain 2 metre social distancing from other parents to support with contact tracing. We will warmly welcome your child, take over their belongings at the front door and settle them in for the day ahead to support with social distancing.

Contact Tracing Register

Anyone coming to the Centre will need to record their details on the Contact Tracing form we have so that if there is a suspected case of Covid-19, direct contacts can be easily traced.


As instructed by MOE, children are encouraged to bring their own lunch boxes and water bottles for the day. Food will be put out of reach and offered throughout the day under supervision and served following expected hygiene practices e.g. thorough handwashing with soap and thorough drying prior to and after eating. Please ensure lunchboxes and drink bottles are named.

If the Centre is supplying the food, then we will make sure that all Hygienic practices are followed.

Environment Setup

It is impossible to do 2 metre social distancing in ECE. Children will not understand it and also it is expected they will need extra care and love when settling back into care after the lockdown period. Our staff will arrange the daily activity set-up by maximising space available to encourage children to spread out rather than play in close proximity. Sensible hygiene practice will remain a regular part of our daily learning.


Accessible surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. The main play areas and play resources will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day. Disposable paper towels will replace re-usable hand towels. Children can have their own bedding and change mats if required. All Centre beds and cots will be wiped down daily.

Please know in advance that I appreciate your patience, kindness and support and look forward to welcoming your child back to care.

Kia haumaru tā koutou noho i te kāinga- stay safe

Nga mihi nui,

Rrahul Dosshi,

Managing Director