Our Learning Environments

Our Early Learning Centres are architecturally designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and educationally supportive. Our physical environments are warm, inviting, and open to change, decorated with muted and peaceful colours, and provide easy access to outdoor play areas. A multi-purpose central piazza serves as each building’s heart, incorporating kitchen and dining areas. This provides a place to come together for both meals and activities.


Children of every age group help set up their outdoor space every morning. During the day they rearrange, add, and put away materials. This ability to control and change their environment fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility. Children mentor one another, introducing their peers to the environment and passing on their knowledge and experience. They develop deeper insights into what they have learned by teaching it to others, and respect their environment because they are invested in its creation and care.


The older children think about, and plan their environments, gathering and preparing resources and rearranging them to suit their desired experience. They are encouraged to tidy up after themselves in readiness for the next person, so he or she can have a positive encounter with that space and gain an understanding of the concepts and knowledge that are hiding there. We believe clutter and disorganisation disrupt the child’s ability to focus on their task, whereas beauty and order allow the child both the physical and intellectual space to explore.

Healthy, Gourmet Meals

The kitchen/dining area is at the heart of our Centres and provides a place for the children and educators to come together to share meals, space and conversation. It's a place for children to come together to talk about tastes, textures, home life, what they did last night, what their parents cooked for dinner.


Meals are freshly prepared daily by qualified chefs or cooks. We provide a gourmet menu incorporating nutritious meals and snacks whilst taking into account individual children’s cultural dietary and allergy requirements.


Children are supervised at all meal and snack times, encouraged to sit whilst eating, to serve and feed themselves where appropriate and to drink water. Table manners, meal time ‘rules and limits’, mutual respect, food enjoyment, socialisation, conversational skills, food hygiene and food nutrition form the curriculum during meal times.

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Home-based Care

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