Home-based Care

Our home-based service provides education and care for individual children or small groups of up to four children. The children and educators will also attend playgroup sessions within our own state-of-the childcare Centre. This enables the educators and children to have regular social and educational contact with others.

Family activities such as shopping, library visits, and trips to the park are regularly taken as they provide valuable learning experiences for children.

Education and care is provided in a predictable, calm and familiar home environment that enables children to build trust.

The Rainbow Corner Home-based Early Learning Service promotes an individual learning programme (ILP) for each enrolled child and provides stimulating and age-appropriate resources to aid the learning objectives.

Regular visits from qualified Early Childhood Teachers to support the educator, child and family/whanau.


Flexibility of choosing the hours-care can be arranged to suit parent's needs.

Parents will be charged fees for their child's attendance, depending on their entitlement to subsidies and/or on the number of hours their child is in care.

WINZ subsidies are available to those who are eligible.